Why Gaming Helps Students Learn

I agreed with basically everything that was said in the article, although I think that there are other circumstances that can prevent kids from learning through the gaming method. For example, if the student is often absent, the game might become uninteresting to the child, especially if all the classmates are far ahead. After all, that competition between the peers is another drive that keeps the children motivated. That can work against them as well if the student who doesn’t have a many points feels like he or she is loosing the race, even if the game isn’t too hard at the moment.

But without considering these things, it’s a very useful method of teaching, especially in ESL classrooms. As a volunteer in one of such classrooms, I see how eager kids are to play it. The teacher has a record of their activities, and an analysis of how they are doing, especially the recordings that the kids make when they read the story out loud into the mic. Another thing that the teacher does is other activities with the kids, especially the ones that are more behind in their “gaming” process.


One thought on “Why Gaming Helps Students Learn

  1. Some of the games in schools replicate the competitive model of ushering children through lessons. These basically replicate traditional teaching but give kids rewards for work like flashing lights or sounds.

    Others are much more complex and draw on very different theories of learning and really aren’t designed to ensure that all kids move through the same work. These are the sorts of games that we read about this week.

    Which kind are you seeing in the classroom?


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